El Centro Materno Infantil ( The Birth Center) César López Silva in Villa El Salvador.

I went back to my home town in Villa El Salvador on May 28, 2018.  Pacas partnered with Midwives of Windsor for this special delivery of a 3000 Canadian Dollars worth in obstetric equipment that includes a neonatal resuscitation kit, a Doppler, new stethoscopes and more  plus some stethoscopes who were kindly donated from some nurses from Windsor, ON. 

Having going back to a third world hospital was not easy to take in. Being in a country with no health care access is a really shocking situation. I am very luch I am living in a country with access to Health Care 24/7. It may not be perfect buit it is something. m The Health System in Peru is like in any other "developing country" really poor for those in need and only the ones who can afford decent doctors can get the attention needed. Even public hospital are expensive. I can not imagine how expensive private clinics are. 

We learned that midwives from the community had to go and do their home visits on foot. Walking hours to get to their clients home that also have to pay for this service out of pocket. it is definitely cheaper than a hospital but again does not have any type of technology available and one example of  was the old hot water  that they use to transport babies to hospitals.

Most of the women who delivered at this birth center can not afford the fees.


We arrived right after a birth and they were still cleaning up when we walked into the birthing room and you can still feel the love in the environment after a birth. The miracle of life just happened. 

Crystal Hall the Senior Midwife at Midwives of Windsor exchanged some information with the midwives about the how these two countries practice and what are the conditions they are currently working at Cesar Lopez Silva Birth Center.


After talking with the midwives and the only OB/GYN at the Birth center we went for a walk and tour the facility. It was nice to see some moms taking prenatal classes and the process of some prenatal visits. I spoke with a young mom she said, she was lucky to get midwives that care about her and her baby. 

The only perform natural births in this center, we also learned that they are in need of a lot of medicine and equipment.  Most of the equipment they have at the moment have been donated by foreign institutions, doctors and midwives from around the world. 

We look forward to another trip to Peru and to visit this Birth Center again and bring more donations.

Every woman has the right to give birth in a safe environment and to get access to health care for her and her baby because life is a miracle!

Thank you very much Midwives of Windsor and those who donated the stethoscopes. This have made a big different in this community. 

Thank you to my parents who were able to organize this visit. We definitely could not have done it with out them. 

Diana Marro                                                                                                            Founder | Owner of Pacas

Photos by: www.partimerphotography.ca