Hope for Christmas 2015

My name is Diana, I am from Peru and have lived in Canada since 2011. I want to tell you about a very special heartwarming project in my homeland which was started 30 ago by my grandfather who had provided five poor children with a Christmas Breakfast as a special treat. It has continued by my family each December and in 2015, I returned to be part of this celebration. My visit was very emotional, especially when I was surprised to be met at the airport by my sister who I had not seen since coming to Canada. She lives in Europe.

Very early on the joyous morning my dad was already busy in the kitchen, soon to be joined by others from our extended family. We prepared meals for 600 children, not knowing that 1000 would show up. It was heartbreaking to have to say ‘no’ to the 400 extra.

We journeyed to the shantytown of Ampliacion de Oasis de Villa with food, clothes, toys and school backpacks. There was much fun and laughter, a joyous event. I was overwhelmed. I asked my father what made these children wait in line for more than two hours for a sandwich or a toy. He answered: ‘If you have nothing and are offered some food and a treat, wouldn’t you also wait a long time too?’ What could I say to the  little boy who asked me to take him to my home? My heart cried at the moment I said ‘No, I cannot take you home, but, I will visit you again!’

My family thanks you for the support in this endeavour by your donations and those of you who have purchased ‘Hope Bracelets’ from our online shop or knitted alpaca products from Pacas (www.pacas.ca).

 I will be there again, sharing fun, food and joyous love. If you would like to journey with me as a volunteer this December, please contact me at: info.pacas@gmail.com