With the purchase of any Pacas product, we provide backpacks, meals, water and houses to people in need in developing countries
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Happy Birthday Son - Donations for Peru Project


Hello my dear friends!

Next May I will be travelling to Peru to build house with a group of volunteers from Windsor and Diana who most of you know. She is the founder of Pacas a social enterprise that has been working to relieve poverty in Peru since 2013.

Last March in the coast of Peru more than 100,000 people lost everything due to El Niño Phenomenon. Most of them are still living in tents. 

Our goal is to build three houses, and as my 40th birthday is approaching on December 16,  instead of gifts for my birthday, I am collecting donations to help building 3 houses. 

I know this time of the year many of you already give to may charities, but if you would to give to this cause under my name as your gift to me for my birthday, I would appreciate it!

Please make the donation by clicking at the donation bottom below or with an e-transfer to info.pacas@gmail.com with the message HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON to keep track of the donations made on my name. 


Thank you!


Son Nguyen