With the purchase of any Pacas product, we provide backpacks, meals, water and houses to people in need in developing countries
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Dear friends,

Next May 2018, I am going back to Peru to build houses for 3 families in need. In this opportunity I will need your help. 

During the year Pacas will be organizing some fundraising to get the money to build houses for this families. Also part of the proceeds of our Alpaca products will be going towards building the houses. 

All the proceeds from our Little Llamas and our Hope Bracelets will be going to build houses as well.

You can also join us in this journey and come to us as a volunteer build houses and while you are there take advantage and explore Peru. We have prepared an amazing trip for you.

If you would like to get more information about our Peru Project send us an email at:


Lots of love,

Diana Marro

Owner / Founder of Pacas