Hope Bracelets

Hope Bracelets

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Let's Give Back!
For every bracelet sold, we will donate a Christmas Breakfast for Kids in either Villa el Salvador, in Lima, Peru. This is an opportunity to give back to our community. Together with your help we will bring joy and smiles to kids in Peru this Chirstmas. Let's make it happen!

The bracelet is made of Achira is a seed that was used back in the times of the Incas. Also known as Canna and Arrowroot, the Achira seed is pea-sized, round and very hard. Its natural colours are Brown and Black but they can be dyed in lively colours. Achira seeds are very popular in jewellery.


Shortest length: 7 1/2 inches /19 cm
Total Length: 11 1/e inches / 29 cm
Approx Width: 1/2 inches / 1 1/2 cm
Bracelet is adjustable by string