Amazing Race YQG

Amazing Race YQG

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How well do you know Windsor?

Amazing Race YQG is hapenning this April 29, 2018.

Join us for our last Fundraising of the season before the adventurous  volunteers head to Peru to build houses for the families in need!

Get your teams ready! Two people per team. (Minors must be accompanied by parent)

Clues will become available at 1:00 pm sharp!! @ Brew (located at 635 University Ave. E. Windsor, Don't forget to arrive early to avoid lines)

Race starts @ 2:00 pm sharp and you have 3 hours to complete the race. The race will conclude at 5:00 PM. 

 Join us for the Awards ceremony and After Party at Brew!

Important Information

- Remember that the last team to arrive at each stops will be eliminated. 

- Some challenges may require use of cellphone or other mobile device ( for example social medias: Facebook or Instagram)

- Used of vehicles for transportation is allowed. (please remember to obey local traffic laws and speed limits)

- You need to complete each given challenge to move forward to the next challenge. 

- Prizes will be given out to the first, second and third place teams. 

- Limited tickets available. (Tickets will not be available at the door, April 27th will be the last day for tickets)

- Tickets are not refundable. 

*If you are interested to help out the team by volunteering during the event you can reach us at

 **Please read the terms & conditions before buying your tickets. Click on the link below:

 *** By buying your tickets you agreed to the terms & conditions of Amazing Race YQG 2018